Illustration created for The Monster Project, a project in which artists reimagine kids'drawngs from all over the world. Ilustración realizada para The Monster Project, un proyecto en el que artistas recrean dibujos de chicos de diferentes lugares del mundo.
Ugly Bird is a monster created by Barbara from Brasil (10 years old). Ugly Bird es un monstruo creado por Barbara de Brasil (10 años).

When I first met Barbara's "Ugly Bird" I was stunned. There were shiny colors, an enormous mouth and the cutest pineapple tree on earth. But when I saw her video I completely freaked out! By just folding the paper she transformed a cute bird into an ugly one. I must say... it felt REALLY close to home (run Buenos Aires!!). So... I think you rock, Barbara! Keep on drawing!
30 x 35 cm — Octubre 2018 — Calado, collage y estilógrafos
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